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Providing property & casualty insurance solutions through superior claims, risk management, and underwriting services.

Our Partnership with STOPit Offers public schools an anti-bullying solution that deters inappropriate behaviors.


Incident Monitoring Service

A safe, anonymous and comfortable way for students to share information with administrators so that they can get the help they needโ€“as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Why Astra Insurance?

One of the meanings of the word Astra is through hardships to the stars. There are many hardships that our clients face and we help them through these challenging times. We believe that our team of talented & caring individuals is what makes us extraordinary.

Astra Expertise

Expertise and deep industry knowledge gained from nearly 25 years of being there for public entities and public schools.

Managing Risk


Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs - 110th Annual Conference & Exhibition
๐Ÿ“ Hershey, Pennsylvania
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"Working with the public sector is a unique and exciting experience. One that is very rewarding in many ways." - Kristi Cordray
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Managing Risk. Does your school's end-of-year celebrations involve using rented amusement games?
If so, contact Astra Insurance to review the risk transfer language provided by the rental company.
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