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Managing Risk

Astra’s risk management team is an extension of your
independent insurance agent’s service team.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines collaboration as working together on an intellectual endeavor. Our risk managers define it as empowering our clients to more actively control risk.

The ability to predict probable sources of loss and prevent them from materializing is a fundamental responsibility of all organizations, including public entities and public schools.

We have created a comprehensive risk assessment process categorizing typical loss exposures into Core Areas of Risk. Focusing loss prevention efforts into specific areas of risk allows you to concentrate your efforts on real loss control methods.

Our goal is to continually look for ways beyond insurance to better control loss. We work with you to manage, prevent, and minimize risk.

Risk Management Team

Greg Hennecke

Risk Management Representative

Patrick Hickey

Risk Management Representative

Pierce Overbeeke

Risk Management Representative

Travis Thompson

Vice President, Risk Management