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Indiana House Bill 1130: Open Meetings

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Everyone now has a right to speak at public meetings (with preset time limits). This includes school board meetings. Schools boards must update their meeting policy to reflect the public comment period as part of the meeting agenda with the approved individual comment time limit.

Recently, the Indiana General Assembly passed House Bill 1130 regarding open meetings.

This bill, according to the Indiana Legislation website, “requires a governing body of a school corporation (school board) to allow each member of the public attending a meeting (attendee) the opportunity to provide oral public comment. Allows a school board to permit oral public comment at a public meeting that is conducted electronically during a state or local disaster emergency. Restricts the circumstances in which the governing body of a state or local public agency may hold a virtual meeting during a declared disaster emergency without any of the governing body members physically present” (Indiana General Assembly, 2022)

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