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Lightning and Severe Weather Safety

Severe weather can strike at any time with the right conditions. Are you prepared?

The week of June 19-25 marks Lightning Safety Awareness Week.

Lightning often accompanies severe weather events and due to its unpredictable nature, should be considered extremely dangerous. Lightning is a violent discharge of electrical energy caused by rapid atmospheric changes.

In addition to lightning, high winds, heavy rains, and hail often accompany large storm systems. At times the damages can be widespread or isolated to a small area.

Severe weather outbreak recently impacted large areas of the Midwest. While the actual results were a far cry from the potential damages forecasted by the National Weather Service, the storms served as a notice for us all to prepare for a storm.

Inspecting your facilities to make sure they are prepared for a storm may prevent damage or minimize the impact.

The calm that follows significant storms is the perfect time to inspect your roofs for damage and to prevent any future damage from obstructed drainage systems or openings in roofing materials.

Astra’s inspection checklist describes this important practice. Contact an Astra Insurance risk management representative for more information.

Should severe weather impact your area and damage your facilities, our claims staff is available to help you to respond and recover.

  • Same-day response time
  • On-site claims adjuster within 24-48 hours
  • Quick estimates
  • Regular visits and communication
  • Mitigation guidance

Your ability to restore services to normal will go a long way toward minimizing the impact of severe weather.

Severe weather can strike at any time with the right conditions, causing property damage, injury and even death. Most of the severe weather activity in the U.S. occurs from late March through August.

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