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Managing Risk | Transitioning your district-owned athletic facilities

Managing Risk

‘Tis the season for a memorable summer.

The best days of our youth were spent outside passing a ball around, in the backyard, at the park, even in the street. But the best place to get active was at the local schools’ athletic facilities.

‘Tis the season for a memorable summer. We encourage every district to be great community partners by allowing youth sport organizations to utilize your athletic facility while ensuring a safe and well-managed area. 

A complete and comprehensive contract with the terms Hold Harmless, Indemnification and Additional Insured properly transfers the financial responsibility to the party most able to control or prevent loss. With all legal documents, consultation with your legal representation is strongly recommended before signing any agreement.

Make this summer the best one yet by keeping your patrons and facility safe! With Astra Insurance, all your risk management bases are covered!

Safeguarding tomorrow, every day.

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